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At Last! Become The Tennis Player You Have Always Wanted Within One Month

Love the tennis game, however lack the confidence to ask your friends to play with you? Or want to master tennis as one of the sports for exercise? Well, you have arrived at the right place.

Really want to master the tennis game as quickly as possible? So that you can start practicing with your friends in matches. And simply work-out while playing competitively with your friends.

We understand your concerns too and have carefully selected tennis coaches who are able to groom completely beginners into competent tennis players. Even those who have not exercised for the longest time see results within 2 lessons.

With our adult tennis lessons, you can be confident of:

Increased motivation and excitement toward tennis as your skills improve drastically
Personalized coaching sessions where your tennis coach will analysis your tennis mechanics and swings
Eliminate bad habits in tennis and adopt good habits and expect to see immediate improvement in tennis techniques
Stronger and quicker racket skills as you master a more powerful swing and throwing and catching skill.
Increased confidence in tennis matches and always mentally prepared to win it

In fact, we are so confident about our tennis lessons that we provide a 90 days guarantee if no improvement is realized after 12 lessons.

Make a decision to excel in tennis and give us a call to learn how quickly you can master the sport. In addition, we would be glad to share on the information of the tennis class details.

An example of a tennis lesson module is described below. The lessons can be customized according to your requirements.

Lesson 1 - Building A Strong Foundation In Tennis

  • Mastering the tennis ready position to respond quickly during matches, achieve balance and prepare for the tennis stroke easily
  • Learning the tennis spilt step to respond in a spilt second when the ball returns 
  • Becoming a forehead expert by executing the right moves, body movement and footwork

Lesson 2 - Learning To Hit The Ball Forcefully & Confidently With A Backhand

  • Fun techniques to achieve a powerful and strong one hand backhand and two hands backhand
  • Learning to put together the backhand, body movements and backhand to play tennis easily

Lesson 3 - Mastering A Powerful Tennis Serve

  • Discovering the methodology and gripping techniques for a powerful tennis serve
  • Understanding the correct stance and slice for powerful tennis serve
  • Putting the pieces together for a backswing and a full swing motion
  • A secret tennis acceleration tip
  • Now, you will have noticed a high improvement in your tennis game as you have mastered 3 powerful techniques for playing on the court

Lesson 4 - Return Tennis Fundamentals

  • Critical points on how to position yourself on the court
  • Anticipating your component's techniques and learning to respond fast 
  • Practice on hitting back the tennis ball quickly through positioning and strong returning techniques

Lesson 5 - Responding Powerful And Quickly During Tennis Games

  • Mastering the volley tennis lesson to hit the ball back,
  • Putting together the ready position, spilt step and the grip for a fast response on the tennis court
  • Anticipating your component's swings and learning how to respond quickly, with minimal effort

Lesson 6 - Developing A Killer Tennis Smash

  • Understanding the mechanics of a strong overhead shot
  • Techniques to execute a powerful tennis smash with proper arm movements and footwork
  • Preparation for your component's reactions and returning to them with secret swing techniques to catch them off-guard

IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback. 

adult tennis

Finally, A Tennis Player

After struggling with tennis for a few months, I finally decide to hire a pro to improve my skills. After 2 months, the improvement has been amazing!

I am so confident whenever I go for matches now!

Jesline, Redhill

adult learn tennis

Saw My Tennis Performance Improve By Leaps And Bounds

Andrew really analyzed my tennis game and corrected my bad habits, after that, my swing became much stronger. And I can play a much better tennis game.

Adam, Cairnhill

adult tennis

Tennis Is Easy Afterall!

I was a bit worried when taking up the tennis lessons. But it was fun and easy to pick up with the tips from the tennis coach. Thanks for the great lessons!

Sita, Tampines

chinese female adult tennis

Tennis Is My Passion Now.

Never thought I was good in sports until I started tennis. Thanks for introducing such a great coach!

Lee Mei, Bedok

Imagine, in the future, swaggering into the tennis court, feeling confident about your next tennis win. The tennis lessons have groomed you into a tennis champion and you look forward to the next tennis competition as it feels so good to win!

It is possible if you respond today. In addition, we have limited coaches who specialize in training adults. We might have to increase prices in the future if their availability drops.

Call now to enjoy lower prices.


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