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For People Who Want To Master Tennis, Grow Social Bonds And Save Money: Group Tennis Lessons

Keen to pursue tennis lessons with your friends? Or simply hoping to learn tennis at a lower price?

You have arrived at the right place. We provide group tennis lessons too. Managing a group of tennis players can be daunting for any tennis teacher. They need to know how to make each party interact with each other and also need to ensure that everyone learns from the group tennis lessons.

We have hunted, interviewed and selected several tennis coaches who specializes in group tennis lessons. Group lessons need to be organized with your friends or family.

Lessons with them would consist of:

Simple warm up exercises to train the group's stamina
Learning proper tennis techniques to ramp up the tennis swing and bounce
Eliminate bad tennis habits through in-depth analysis of the tennis mechanics and swings
Arranging the tennis matches according to individual's strengths and weakness and using the matches to further illustrate tennis mechanics to improve each individual's tennis skills
Improved group cohesion as they leverage on each other's strengths and weakness to learn tennis
Increased motivation toward tennis with the improved acceleration of the tennis skills

Learning with your friends can be extremely rewarding as you not only improve but also gain partners to practice tennis. With good tennis sparring partners, expect to appreciate the sport even more. 

In fact, we are so confident about our tennis lessons that we provide a 90 days guarantee if no improvement is realized after 12 lessons. 

An example of a tennis lesson module is described below. The lessons can be customized according to your requirements.

Lesson 1 - Building A Strong Foundation In Tennis

  • Mastering the tennis ready position to respond quickly during matches, achieve balance and prepare for the tennis stroke easily
  • Learning the tennis spilt step to respond in a spilt second when the ball returns 
  • Becoming a forehead expert by executing the right moves, body movement and footwork

Lesson 2 - Learning To Hit The Ball Forcefully & Confidently With A Backhand

  • Fun techniques to achieve a powerful and strong one hand backhand and two hands backhand
  • Learning to put together the backhand, body movements and backhand to play tennis easily

Lesson 3 - Mastering A Powerful Tennis Serve

  • Discovering the methodology and gripping techniques for a powerful tennis serve
  • Understanding the correct stance and slice for powerful tennis serve
  • Putting the pieces together for a backswing and a full swing motion
  • A secret tennis acceleration tip
  • Now, you will have noticed a high improvement in your tennis game as you have mastered 3 powerful techniques for playing on the court

Lesson 4 - Return Tennis Fundamentals

  • Critical points on how to position yourself on the court
  • Anticipating your component's techniques and learning to respond fast 
  • Practice on hitting back the tennis ball quickly through positioning and strong returning techniques

Lesson 5 - Responding Powerful And Quickly During Tennis Games

  • Mastering the volley tennis lesson to hit the ball back,
  • Putting together the ready position, spilt step and the grip for a fast response on the tennis court
  • Anticipating your component's swings and learning how to respond quickly, with minimal effort

Lesson 6 - Developing A Killer Tennis Smash

  • Understanding the mechanics of a strong overhead shot
  • Techniques to execute a powerful tennis smash with proper arm movements and footwork
  • Preparation for your component's reactions and returning to them with secret swing techniques to catch them off-guard

IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback. 

children group lessons

Our Twins Enjoy The Tennis Lessons A Lot!

Gary and Cass both look forward to tennis lessons. They practice together and it provides a healthy competition.

Thanks for organizing such fun group tennis lessons.

Jessica, Mother Of Gary & Cass, Sentosa

small group lesson

Sam Enjoys Making New Friends During Group Tennis Lessons.

Sam is enjoying his tennis lessons a lot! Thanks!

Melody, Mother Of Sam, Bedok Reservoir

Everyone has limited time and combining both social and sports time is an excellent idea. Meet new friends or improve relationships with existing friends as you master a new sport.

Imagine in the future, partnering to compete in a tennis competition. It is very possible if you take action and call us now.

As we have only a few coaches that excel in group coaching, we hope you will have available slots when you call. Take opportunity to respond today and learn under an amazing tennis coach.  

In fact, only for this month, we are giving away a secret present to accelerate your learning curve for tennis. It is worth $15 and we are sure that you will enjoy it!



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