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Advice To Parents Who Are Considering Registering Their Kids For Tennis Lessons

Considering sending your children for kids tennis lessons? Have they expressed interest in learning tennis? Or simply want them to be confident by exceling in tennis?

Children have shorter attention span and less developed motor skills. In addition, they have higher energy levels and prefer action over theories.

In order to ensure your child accelerates his learning curve during the kids tennis lessons in Singapore. We interview, review and even collect feedback about our tennis coaches, specializing in children.

You can be assured of: 


Athletic training where they learn to move on the court through run, shuffle in all directions and shuffle side to side. Simple instructions and high interaction actions


Improvement in tackling, throwing and catching skills. Allowing them to throw a swing which allows their tennis partner to continue the game
Racket skills where they learn to control the racket and how the orientation of the racket controls the ball.


Increase their confidence through tennis technique development where they master swinging the tennis racket

In addition, before the tennis lesson, discuss with the tennis coach about your kid's objectives.

If it is to compete competitively, our tennis coach will focus on perfecting the tennis strokes, tennis ball sense, enabling them to swing right which is a critical component of tennis success.

If the objective is to enjoy another sport, the tennis coach will focus on making the tennis fun by creating tennis related games, training their court sense and ball-hitting. This will make it exciting for the children.

We are focused on providing interesting and fun tennis lessons to achieve your kid's tennis objectives.

An example of a tennis lesson module is described below. The lessons can be customized according to your requirements.

Lesson 1 - Building A Strong Foundation In Tennis

  • Mastering the tennis ready position to respond quickly during matches, achieve balance and prepare for the tennis stroke easily
  • Learning the tennis spilt step to respond in a spilt second when the ball returns 
  • Becoming a forehead expert by executing the right moves, body movement and footwork

Lesson 2 - Learning To Hit The Ball Forcefully & Confidently With A Backhand

  • Fun techniques to achieve a powerful and strong one hand backhand and two hands backhand
  • Learning to put together the backhand, body movements and backhand to play tennis easily

Lesson 3 - Mastering A Powerful Tennis Serve

  • Discovering the methodology and gripping techniques for a powerful tennis serve
  • Understanding the correct stance and slice for powerful tennis serve
  • Putting the pieces together for a backswing and a full swing motion
  • A secret tennis acceleration tip
  • Now, you will have noticed a high improvement in your tennis game as you have mastered 3 powerful techniques for playing on the court

Lesson 4 - Return Tennis Fundamentals

  • Critical points on how to position yourself on the court
  • Anticipating your component's techniques and learning to respond fast 
  • Practice on hitting back the tennis ball quickly through positioning and strong returning techniques

Lesson 5 - Responding Powerful And Quickly During Tennis Games

  • Mastering the volley tennis lesson to hit the ball back,
  • Putting together the ready position, spilt step and the grip for a fast response on the tennis court
  • Anticipating your component's swings and learning how to respond quickly, with minimal effort

Lesson 6 - Developing A Killer Tennis Smash

  • Understanding the mechanics of a strong overhead shot
  • Techniques to execute a powerful tennis smash with proper arm movements and footwork
  • Preparation for your component's reactions and returning to them with secret swing techniques to catch them off-guard

IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback. 

children tennis lessons

Josh Is Competing In His School Now!

After one month of lessons, he fell in love with tennis. Now he is starting to compete in tennis competitions in school!

Jasmine, Mother Of Josh, Dover Rise

female kid tennis lesson

Audrey Is Excited About Her Tennis Lessons

Thanks for introducing a great tennis teacher!

Ken, Father Of Audrey, Aljunied

chinese kid tennis lessons

Justin Has Improved A Lot In Tennis!

After one month of lessons, Justin showed a lot of progress in tennis. In addition, he is loving the sport more.

Thanks for introducing such a great tennis coach and making it fun for Justin.

Mr. Hwa, Father Of Justin, Farrer Road

female kid tennis

Manu Is Determined To Compete Professionally Now!

Manu loves the sport and is very determined to compete in the future!

I am so proud of her! Thanks for your interesting tennis lessons!

Nadine, Mother Of Manu, Bukit Timah

In fact, we are so confident about our tennis lessons that we provide a 90 days guarantee if no improvement is realized after 12 lessons.

You may have the next tennis child prodigy. Imagine exclaiming to your friends about the innate talent of your child in tennis. You feel a sense of pride in your chest as you discuss about how he or she has developed so quickly after one month.

That is possible if you give us a call now. As our tennis coaches who specialize in children are limited, we have to increase their prices if their slots are filled up. 

So be calling us today, you have a better chance of enjoying the lower tennis rates. Take opportunity when the prices are low!


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