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Value For Money Tennis Lessons

Looking to improve your tennis skills dramatically? Or simply improve one tennis techniques? Or simply at the beginning of your tennis career? Regardless of your reasons, congratulations for taking the first step to improving your tennis skills.

Within one month from now, you will be much closer to your tennis goal. With 4 lessons, we guarantee obvious improvement from where you are now.

With us, you can be guaranteed of these:

Become groomed to be an excellent tennis player quickly, even within 4 lessons
Master the proper techniques to play tennis effectively, increasing motivation and confidence
Increase your skill level by training competitively with a tennis coach
Easy & simple step by step guidance on overcoming the tennis challenges
Picking up right habits that will increase your learning curve to play the tennis

For tennis lessons, the rates are:

1 to 1 (30 Minutes)

 $45 per session / $180 per mth

1 to 1 (1 Hour) $70 per session / $280 per mth
2 persons in a group $100 per hour / $400 per month
3 persons in a group $120 per hour / $480 per month
4 persons in a group $140 per hour / $560 per month

* we recommend 1 lesson per week and registering for one month of lessons.

** the rates vary according to the tennis coach's experience and availability.

*** rental of public tennis courts are $3 per hour. rental in condos vary accordingly

**** group lessons need to be organized internally with friends or family


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